You will have a better life if you just ignore it


As a loyal follower of the Elvis Duran and the Morning Show.  there was an intriguing statement from him on one of the morning, last week.

In the past few weeks, well I guess in the past few months, I have had serious challenges in making the time to write my dissertation.  There are always stuff that I will feel I need to do, and eventually distract me from my writing project.

I would say that one of the challenges in the kind of work that I do is be surrounded by people and be friendly and nice to them.  When I was at the initial stage of building a partnership, I tend to not think much of the consequences.  When it comes to maintaining the partnership, while at the same time building another and continue to work on the things that related to the previous and/or existing partnerships, that is when the challenges are greater. Further, being a parent, which applies to all parents, the challenges are even more complex.

Regardless of the challenge, it is my responsibility to address them. When I am suggested to differentiate which one of them is truly my obligation and voluntary, it is kind of helpful yet it is still not easy to take action prioritizing your responsibilities.

Not until I heard Elvis saying “you will have a better life if you just ignore it” on his radio show, completely in different context, that I feel that sometimes I don’t need to think much about how people would see myself if I were to do some that I could be horrible, from my point view.

The risks are two-fold.  They can really hate you because of that.  But you can also think that you have had enough quality in your partnership that they will understand when you make an important decision with your life.  I am not sure which one is my case.  But I do think that I need to respectfully ignore some of my responsibilities and prioritize my dissertation.