An alternative way viewing ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


Just because of the amount of water used for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, I have been wondering about how people might think differently.  Then I did some simple search that led me to this article in the Huffington Post: “How Is the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Hurting YOU?? (Hint: It’s Not, So Stop Complaining).” And then I found the author claims that she has an answer to her selected complains from the public.

“People are wasting water.” No, it’s not wasted when it’s used as a catalyst in something so positive. When you can bring hope and help, nothing is wasted.

I still think that the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is a good way for building our community and increasing people awareness for a good cause.  What I have been wondering is if these people taking the challenge are thoughtful enough about others who have been suffering due to limited clean or just enough water to support their life needs.

Let’s not go too far out. Only a few weeks ago, 500,000 residents of Toledo Ohio were without drinking water due to dangerously high levels of cyanotoxin in Lake Erie produced by excessive amounts of blue-green algae.  People are traveling to buy water at grocery stores. Just thinking about the massive traveling activities in Toledo, it gives some ideas on the chaotic moments caused by the needs for just enough water to drink and cook.  Let alone those people who have limited access to transportation, how could they get their needs for water?

The fact that Matt Damon was challenged by Ben Affleck intrigues me more.  What does Matt Damon think about all of this?  After all, he co-founded that aims to address global water crisis.  I am curious on whether or not he accepts the challenge.  Either he did or did not, I was wondering if he would care to share his reasoning.

At the very least, we could learn how Patrick Stewart did take his challenge, claimed by the author, as the right way.

“When the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge first started, the rules were simple: donate money toward fighting ALS or dump a bucket of ice on your head. It was meant as an incentive to be charitable — not, as it later evolved, to be both charitable and cold.”

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is worth for environmental injustice discussion.  At some places, people are suffering for not enough clean and healthy consumable water.  At some other places, people are pouring millions of buckets of cold water on their bodies.

Yes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has been phenomenal in raising money for research or anything related to ALS.  But some serious environmental injustice discussion should take place.