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About environmental justice


After being involved in engaged scholarship in the field of environmental studies, I thought I would start thinking more seriously on what kind of environmental justice frame I am working on. Although I environmental justice may not necessarily my initial entry in my work, my environmental-related work has brought me to the issues of power across race, ethnicity, and class. So I have some knowledge and experience relevant to the conversations.

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An alternative way viewing ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


Just because of the amount of water used for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, I have been wondering about how people might think differently.  Then I did some simple search that led me to this article in the Huffington Post: “How Is the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Hurting YOU?? (Hint: It’s Not, So Stop Complaining).” And then I found the author claims that she has an answer to her selected complains from the public.

“People are wasting water.” No, it’s not wasted when it’s used as a catalyst in something so positive. When you can bring hope and help, nothing is wasted.

I still think that the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is a good way for building our community and increasing people awareness for a good cause.  What I have been wondering is if these people taking the challenge are thoughtful enough about others who have been suffering due to limited clean or just enough water to support their life needs.

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