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being unproductive for my 15-minute a day writing goal


I am debating myself about this writing, not the whole idea, but the idea of each post I am about to write.

Should I focus on a writing that is good and informative?  OR should I focus on writing that the quality I should care less as long as I write continuously 15-minute a day?

Even when you are trying to be as casual as possible in writing, knowing that your goal is merely to be comfortable in writing, you still have this constant barrier in your mind: what should I write?   Mostly probably because you can’t really get away with the idea of writing something informative.

But even if it is informative, maybe frame it in a different way, informative for who?  Who is my audience in this 15-minute a day writing?  Should I think that the audience is anyone out there online — (as if the trend visit on my website is high)?  Or maybe I should just think that my audience is my own, and I should care less about whoever reads my 15-minute a day posts?

They are easy questions with easy answers.  But when you are doing the work and actually trying to practically answer the question, that is probably the hard part.

Ciao —

ps.  Maybe I should just stick with this kind of writing I did for this post?

Writing a reporting article


One of the skills that I would like to promote for academics is the ability to write a popular article, reporting their activities while they are working with grassroots communities.  I do realize that most of my work will not be “sexy” enough for a reporter to write.  So instead of waiting for their report, I would just write my own and circulate through social media.

My most recent reporting article “South Madison farmer fights food injustice with Ex-Cons” has gotten attention.   Both Anthony Cooper and Robert Pierce were approached by the Capital Times after reading this article.  It certainly helped amplify the mission of the project, and reach out broader community about the food justice movement in South Madison.

Update Aug 10 – read the article at host.madison.com.

An article about a university-community partnership


Just to share “my” article on the collaboration between Nelson Institute and The Natural Step Monona http://bit.ly/xU50Ee.

Among other things I have learned while writing this article is how do you style your writing in a journalistic way.  Names and events are important.  Even so, a single author with a first person language is also much better.  That is why this is “my” article although it was originally written collaboratively with Randy and Heather.


Welcome …


WELCOME to my first posting in my “newly-born” blog. I decided to start my own blog for three reasons:

First, I read a book “Writing Your Dissertation in Fifteen Minutes a Day” authored by Joan Bolker. This book is influential in pushing myself to be comfortable with writing, particularly English writing. Yes, I am still in my doctoral study and I hope this blog will facilitate me to become a speedy writer. Bolker’s main argument is that writing is a habit and we can start to have one by regularly write any subject in mind for at least 15 minutes a day. You may not find me writing that fast, but you can expect a few postings from now on in this blog.

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