Excatic with the new publications


I am excatic!!  Two publications with my name appears as an author came out last summer.

First, a book “The Unheard Voices: Community Organization and Service Learning.”  This book came out from a Community Based Research course, back in Spring 2006.  We interviewed a total of 67 community organizations about the practice of service learning.  I contributed a chapter titled “Principles for Success for Service Learning-The three Cs,” collaborated with my colleague graduate student Samuel Pratsch and my advisor Randy Stoecker.

Does this mean I will receive  royalty from the selling of this book?  You betcha!!  So, please take a look and see if you are interested to learn more from this book.  I put a link too to amazon on the front cover image located in the right sidebar.

Second, a book review.  Andrew Stuhl and I collaborated in a book review as part of a CHANGE class in Spring 2009.  The book is “Environmental Change and Globalization: Double Exposures” by Robin Leichneko and Karen O’Brien.  What we found from this exercise is that writing a book review is definitely not as challenging as writing for a journal.  However, it still allows us to be intelectually critical on the subject matter of the book.  It is definitely a highly recommended exercise for all of you, especially graduate students who are trying to get your name appears in a publication.  Additionally, our collaboration also means the success of integrating the differences of our disciplines and put into writing about a subject that matters to two of us.  Andrew is a history of science graduate student, while I am, hmmm…., I think I can be considered as a planning graduate student, although I am officially in an environmental studies graduate program.

Anyway, the review article is available.  As always, I welcome your comments and critiques on our works.



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