26% carbon emission reduction by 2020


An article in Kompas reports how Indonesian government plans to achieve the 26% carbon emission reduction by 2020.  The article also further notes about potential 41% reduction assuming the presence of international supports.

These are pretty ambitious goals.  But there is nothing wrong with these goals because we need to have that kind of goals in order for us to move forward; in order for us to make a big change for our next generations.

The simple yet critical challenge that has been the challenge in every case, how are we translating that goals into actions, that can actually bring all of us to the point where the goals of carbon emissions reduction is indeed achieved.

Let’s take a look at the image above (source), and let’s focus on the big three sectors: energy & heat, land use change, and transportation.  What have been done in those three areas by Indonesian government?  Are we in the right direction of 26% carbon emission reduction?


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