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Graduating PhD


I do not plan to master a role as a graduating PhD. But it is true that as I have been working iteratively in job documents, engaging diverse people literally and figuratively, and navigating to be my own self, I can only get better. I am obviously still far from the ideal point. But my recent campus visit with a private college liberal arts was definitely a humbling experience.

I could be perceived as someone who is not as optimistic or determined when revealing how my popular education or civic engagement approach is unpopular among my environmental studies’ colleague. But considering how radical it is, I feel that the approach is an important element of my identity. I welcome anyone to work with me, and I would open myself as best I can so that anyone could have an informed decision to collaborate with me.

Despite potentially a questionable determination, it is also important to note that my past seven years of engaged scholarship initiatives demonstrates how I walk the talk.  I certainly continue to improve my practice. The past initiatives were not perfect. But still some values can be learned along the way, some of them are amazing, some of them are less amazing.