TransJakarta Busway and sustainable transportation in Indonesia


TransJakarta Busway, a Bus Rapit Transit (BRT) system, has been implemented in Jakarta, Indonesia, since February 2004. The media publicities largely covered the system as a new hope for an unending congestion mitigation in Jakarta. As many have learned, the BRT system has far more potentials than merely congestion mitigation. BRT has effectively and effiently reduced carbon emission from transportation sector, the second largest contributors to green house gasses emissions leading to the change of global environment. The fact that there were limited discussions about climate change when TransJakarta Busway was initiated is worth to study.

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Welcome …


WELCOME to my first posting in my “newly-born” blog. I decided to start my own blog for three reasons:

First, I read a book “Writing Your Dissertation in Fifteen Minutes a Day” authored by Joan Bolker. This book is influential in pushing myself to be comfortable with writing, particularly English writing. Yes, I am still in my doctoral study and I hope this blog will facilitate me to become a speedy writer. Bolker’s main argument is that writing is a habit and we can start to have one by regularly write any subject in mind for at least 15 minutes a day. You may not find me writing that fast, but you can expect a few postings from now on in this blog.

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