Hello, again: short updates


It has been quite a while since the last entry. Life has been both hectic and fun, as a student, as a father of two, and certainly as a husband. My wife is finishing up her thesis, so it has been a real journey in this particular case. Her struggle as a medical doctor taking a complete different turn in her study in Southeast Asian Studies is absolutely something :P.

Generally, her struggle is a typical case of interdisciplinary work. My job has been to stand by her and helped her understand than many other interdisciplinary scholars have had similar experience like hers. It is not an easy job, as some of you would know. I am not perfect. Our frustrations often ended up in many unfinished discussions and even led to other personal issues. But together we have realized that this is just a part of our journey to gain knowledge.

Another moment, Fasha had his first injury from soccer. It was end of April when he was in a tournament with Rush when he had a sprained ankle of his right foot. I could remember his confusion with what happened, his frustration with the pain. After visiting a doctor, he had an air cast to support his ankle for 10 days and after three weeks, he was back on soccer field to play and have fun with his teammates. Before that though, he won a gold medal in Fond du Lac Wisconsin from his participation in a Judo competition. He was extremely happy for his achievement, especially after taking losses for quite sometimes. While this was technically his second gold medal, this was his first that he won against judoka from other clubs.

Nisi is ready for kindergarten .  She has her new backpack and will enjoy her new journey; going to school with her big brother Fasha to Shorewood Hills Elementary School.

Me? did I ever share how summer has not been my favorite season? Well, being a student hourly in summer means you need to really get those hours in order to feed your family. At the same time, I have plans for working on my own dissertation. So that kind of dilemmatic moment. Yes I have not been very productive on my writing.

But today is a new day, I have pledged myself to dedicate my weekend on writing for the rest of 5 weeks of summer. Hopefully by end of August I have something to share with my advisor and committee members. This new post means that I am in a warm up setting, and I am good to go.

Wish me luck!

:tkp dh