Four months later …


Yes, indeed, four months after my last post.  It shows my lacking to discipline myself to write.  This blog should have  been a medium for my 15-minute a day writing of anything!

“Celebrating” the four months of inactivity, our family started a new journey with a new Cuisinart GR-4N 5-in-1 Griddler.  We bought it on Saturday during the Thanksgiving holiday.  With a $10 coupon from Amazon plus free 1-day shipping from Discover, it arrived on Monday for a total of $67.99.  Let me continue on this price tag, when I looked for a link to this item in the amazon website, I was shocked that the price went up t0 $92.50, before $10 off from Amazon  That is about $25 increase!  I did not realize that the griddler was among the items on sale during Thanksgiving holiday.  But now I am so happy that I got it at the right time!  :2thumbup.

Originally, I did not really look for this griddler.  But we love to have panini for our lunch.  And Fasha and Nisi always like to eat a grilled cheese sandwich.  After a random browsing on the internet on Saturday, I found this wonderful sandwich blog Panini Happy where one of the articles discusses about the comparison of two panini press machine. So I talked o Heni and she was between yes and no, but I was a yes from the beginning!!!

The added value of this panini press is that we can put waffle maker plates to replace the original plates that come with it.  Now we can make our own waffle too.  The waffle maker is not turnable like other cool waffle maker, but it is good enough for us.

Overall, we are happy with this investment because we can make a variety of combination for our sandwich and waffle.  We can put, or hide, healthy ingredients.  Adding a variety of vegetables in our panini, even we can now make a healthier grilled cheese for Fasha and Nisi.  For waffle, we can upgrade the regular waffle (or pancake) with less calories and saturated fat and more fiber (whole-wheat flour), plus adding fruit as a companion.

Please share if you have a panini press at your home.  I am sure I can learn something from you.  But basically, please share tips on putting healthy meal for your family and your young children.