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Hello PhD student fellows, confused about your next steps?


Just found out yesterday, introduced by a librarian. This should be a cool tool for many PhD students who are often unsure about keeping their timeframe. This may not fit with those who have a non-university research partner like myself, a grassroots community organization. Regardless how you do your research, I think this is really helpful with some dates and some suggested instructions in meeting the dates.

Please click on the image and it will bring you to the actual site.


Interdisciplinarity skill: accepting is not [always] the same as agreeing


an image that says accepting is the first step in changing

I am becoming more and more interested in an interdisciplinary way of looking at our problems. Yet, I find myself making a basic mistake an interdisciplinary researcher should not make.

Among the greatest challenge as an interdisciplinary researcher is how to “accept” ideas coming from friends, colleagues, or even someone who has continuously been on the other side of you.

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Transportation and Climate Change Clearinghouse



During my propososal writing, I found this clearinghouse website that explains how transportation has a strong connection with climate change.  I know it is a little too late for me finding out the existence of this website considering that I am studying this area.  But it is certainly not too late for my proposal and my research.

I bet this website just came out recently during Obama’s administration.  Check this out: Transportation and Climate Change Clearinghouse


Excatic with the new publications


I am excatic!!  Two publications with my name appears as an author came out last summer.

First, a book “The Unheard Voices: Community Organization and Service Learning.”  This book came out from a Community Based Research course, back in Spring 2006.  We interviewed a total of 67 community organizations about the practice of service learning.  I contributed a chapter titled “Principles for Success for Service Learning-The three Cs,” collaborated with my colleague graduate student Samuel Pratsch and my advisor Randy Stoecker.

Does this mean I will receive  royalty from the selling of this book?  You betcha!!  So, please take a look and see if you are interested to learn more from this book.  I put a link too to amazon on the front cover image located in the right sidebar.

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Welcome …


WELCOME to my first posting in my “newly-born” blog. I decided to start my own blog for three reasons:

First, I read a book “Writing Your Dissertation in Fifteen Minutes a Day” authored by Joan Bolker. This book is influential in pushing myself to be comfortable with writing, particularly English writing. Yes, I am still in my doctoral study and I hope this blog will facilitate me to become a speedy writer. Bolker’s main argument is that writing is a habit and we can start to have one by regularly write any subject in mind for at least 15 minutes a day. You may not find me writing that fast, but you can expect a few postings from now on in this blog.

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