Being honest in partnership


Waiting for my food order at the Union South, here it is a reflection.

Being honest and being clear is one of the hardest thing on a partnership in general. Let me just frame this in two specific examples.

1. Students asked for taking a phone call during class and leaving early from class. The first thing I consider was that their courage to communicate that request, not the actual request. I don’t see their participation become less meaningful because of the amount of time they are engaged in class. But I see them as an adult who is trying to make a good decision by considering a few aspects going on. It is their honesty to make that request that I value high. Me trusting them to make any decisions means us together build a partnership to the next level.

2. I sent an email today to encourage a board of directors where I am currently serving to consider my resignation. As much as I am passionate about working with a grassroots organizatin, I have to be honest that I do not feel right when my important values are not being embraced. I have to be clear what my values are, so that I can ask them, other board members, for the same honesty about whether my values are something they value. Partnership is not about sitting together in a room and chatting about stuff. Partnership is about acting on something that mutually valued.

Now I am having my lunch ;).

Thanks for reading.